Bridesmaid dresses child and Flowergirl dresses

For the girls from 7-8 years, we have a collection of bridesmaids and flowergirl dresses. To ensure that the young bridesmaids look stunning, we have createrd a unique collection of the most beautiful models. You can choose from ivory satin dresses or coloured lace bridesmaid dresses from our own label.
We also have a collection dresses for the teenage bridesmaids or sisters / girlfriends of the bride.

Model: bm-r1-10

Model: bm-r2-2

Model: bm-r1-11

Model: bm-r2-9

Model: bm-r1-9

Model: mj-r1-6l

Model: bm-r1-13

Model: mj-r1-16

Model: mj-r1-4

Model: mj-r1-2

Model: bm-i1-13

Model: mj-r1-6

Model: bm-i1-19

Model: mj-r1-1

Model: bm-i1-17

Model: mj-r1-4

Model: bm-i1-12

Model: mj-r1-2

Model: bm-i1-14

Model: mj-r1-1

Model: bm-i1-16

Model: mj-r1-5

Model: bm-i1-15

Model: mj-r1-3

Model: bm-i1-18

Unique flower girl dresses

With our unique dresses for the flowergirls, the wedding will be a successful event for everyone. The bridesmaids' dresses are of high quality, which makes them a perfect match for the luxurious bridal dresses. Each bridesmaid has her own character and appearance, due the different models we have a children dresses which fits and have a chic look. We have a few sizes of the bridesmaid dresses on stock and can be ordered in sizes for ages 7-8 till 12 years. For the older bridesmaids we have a unique collection of bridesmaid dresses.

Communion dresses

The flower girl dresses are not only suitable for a wedding but can also be worn during other events such as communions. For the ceremonial ceremonies, the dresses in ivory are mainly chosen. The length of the skirt falls till ankle height, which makes it perfect to wear as a communion dress.