Colourful wedding dresses

You don't need to keep with tradition to look bridal, brides everywhere are turning to colourful wedding dresses as an alternative. At Robin you find a great selections of modern coloured wedding dresses with a fashion design.

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Model: g-mo2-78

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Model: g-2-177

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Sparkling prom dress with glittery bodice, an A-line skirt, and thin straps criss-cross over the open back

Model: g-e2-39

Model: g-2-165

Strapless prom dress with beaded bodice, dropped shoulders and floor-length skirt with a high slit

Model: g-e2-40

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Model: g-a2-42

Model: g-2-194

Eccentric evening dress with lace bodice, cape style sleeves and long floor-length skirt

Model: g-u2-219

Model: g-n2-33

Model: g-2-254

Model: g-2-198

Model: g-e2-20

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Model: g-2-229

Model: g-2-173

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Style your coloured wedding outfit with this accessory

Beautiful coloured wedding dresses in fashion design and low prices.

A stylish wedding dress does not have to be expensive, the wedding dress below are priced 249 euros. The major part of the dress consists of a dark coloured fabric and the ivory skirt is manifest by is triangular shape. This dress can be worn strapless or with small straps. The petticoat skirt gives this bridal gown it’s extra width. If wished, you can add an extra petticoat layer. The upper body is decorated with ton sur ton beads and its extra reinforcement inside the buster gives you a lovely hourglass figure. This wedding dress is also suitable for the pregnant brides. The model of the dress remains beautiful with a nice round belly.

Wide flared wedding dresses in solid colours.

The wide flared wedding dresses are available as a Taffeta wedding dresses or the multi coloured satin bridal gowns and supple chiffon wedding gowns. The strapless wedding dresses often have a heart-shaped or straight neckline, which are very feminine. The one shoulder designer wedding dresses have beautiful sequin accents. With the strapless wedding dresses, in many cases, matching small or wide shoulder straps are included. If you prefer a halter neck-line its possible, depending on the model of the dress. The coloured wedding dresses and multi-coloured wedding dresses are available in our store in a variety of sizes and colours. A few wedding dresses have a standard bolero jacket, others are combined with stoles, so the shoulders and arms are nicely covered for the official occasions.