Bridesmaid dresses

As a sister or best friend of the bride, being asked as here bridesmaid is quite an honour. For these bridesmaids it is important to choose a dress that fits their curves and personality. The small "Flower Girls" often wear the same model of dresses, while the older bridesmaids combine more with the colour tones.
We also have a unique collection of dresses for bridesmaids up to 12 years old.

Model: g-ul2-87

Model: g-2-198

Model: c-n1-84

Model: g-e2-8

Model: g-ul2-89

Model: g-mo2-41

Model: c-ul1-55

Model: g-2-173

Model: c-ul1-15

Model: g-e2-19

Model: g-n2-153

Model: g-e2-5

Model: c-n1-79

Model: g-2-177

Model: g-e2-13

Model: g-ul2-86

Model: c-ul1-72

Model: g-e2-7

High-necked prom dress with short wrap skirt for a high-low effect and lace bodice with boat neck

Model: c-u1-128

Model: g-ul2-90

Model: g-e2-38

Model: g-ul2-88

Model: g-a2-42

Model: g-e2-37

Model: g-ul2-93

Model: c-ul1-71

Model: g-ul2-84

Model: g-ul2-91

Model: g-e2-24

Model: c-u1-120

Model: g-ul2-83

Model: c-ul1-73

Model: g-p2-6

Model: c-u1-121

Model: g-ul2-85

Model: g-ul2-77

Short prom dress with lace bodice, an illusion deep V-neckline, narrow straps, and chiffon skirt to the knee

Model: c-u1-126

Model: g-u2-6

Model: c-p1-1

Model: g-ul2-73

Model: g-e2-15

Model: g-ul2-82

Model: c-1-69

Model: g-n2-145

Model: g-n2-124

Model: c-u1-113

Model: g-a2-60

Model: c-ul1-61

Model: g-ul2-50

Model: c-ul1-50

Prom dress with a long chiffon skirt, a slit, a lace bodice decorated with beads and narrow straps

Model: g-ul2-94

Model: c-1-44

Model: g-e2-32

Model: c-1-65

Model: g-mo2-43

Model: g-ul2-32

Prom dress with heart shape neckline, wide waistband, and a long skirt with wrap split

Model: g-u2-218

Model: g-ul2-87

Model: g-ul2-67

Model: g-ul2-33

Model: g-e2-1

Model: g-n2-149

Model: c-n1-85

Model: g-u2-201

Model: g-a2-69

Model: g-u2-202

Model: c-ul1-32

Model: g-u2-200

Model: c-ul1-63

Model: g-ul2-54

Model: g-ul2-80

Model: c-n1-69

Model: g-ul2-56

Model: c-u1-102

Model: g-ul2-75

Model: g-2-19

Model: c-u1-112

Model: g-ul2-92

Model: c-mo1-13

Model: g-mo2-27

Model: g-ul2-66

Model: c-u1-114

Model: g-2-193

Model: c-p1-2

Model: g-n2-112

Model: c-mo1-20

Model: c-n1-67

Model: g-2-174

Model: c-p1-4

Model: g-mo2-40

Model: c-ul1-18

Model: g-a2-70

Model: c-n1-64

Model: g-mo2-42

Model: g-2-97

Model: c-1-64

Model: c-ul1-21

Model: c-ul1-64

Model: g-ul2-71

Model: g-ul2-74

Model: c-mo1-3

Model: g-n2-121

Model: c-1-51

Model: c-a1-1

Model: c-ul8-13

Model: c-1-63

Model: c-1-54

Style your bridesmaid outfit with these accessories

The perfect dress for the bridesmaids

How do you ensure that your bridesmaids wear the most beautiful dress, without surpassing the bride herself? The right option is to choose a common colour with the clothing of the wedding couple or the wedding bouquet. This creates harmony between the persons, even if there is only one "best friend" of the bride. This way you can vary the style of the dresses between the different girls and the bride. The preference colour of the bridesmaid dresses are often calm colours such as pastel shades, old pink, blue or silver grey. Usually the brighter colours and white / ivory are taboo, since they stand out too much or match the wedding dress.

A short or long bridesmaid dress?

Some bridesmaids feel great in a short dress, other bridesmaids are more at ease in a long gown. Consult with the bride and the other best friends’ which length you choose together. You don't want to stand out in the wrong way on the wedding photos. And everyone wants to optimally enjoy and shine on the big day and in front of the photographer. In our collection you find a wide range of long and short dresses which are suitable for the best friends and sisters of the bride. Please feel free to visit our store in Amsterdam Centre.