Wedding dresses in ivory and white

In our collection you will find romantic white wedding dresses and the ivory coloured dresses for the modern brides. For a stunning look, choose a glamour wedding dress beautifully beaded or if you prefer a classic style wear a wedding dress with lace and flared skirt. See below which white bridal wear we have available in our shop.

Model: b-u4-19

Model: b-p4-3

Model: b-4-174

Model: b-i4-14

Model: b-i4-24

Model: b-i4-16

Model: b-e4-6

Model: b-i4-15

Model: b-p4-4

Model: b-i4-50

Model: b-e4-7

Model: b-i4-40

Model: b-4-6

Model: b-i4-10

Model: b-e4-9

Model: b-i4-51

Model: b-i4-46

Model: b-i4-41

Model: b-i4-44

Model: b-i4-5

Model: b-i4-29w

Model: b-i4-53

Model: b-e4-8

Model: b-i4-36

Model: b-i4-43

Model: b-e4-3

Model: b-i4-47

Model: b-4-9

Model: b-i4-13

Model: b-4-198

Model: b-i4-25

Model: b-i4-48

Mermaid prom dress with beautiful contrasting beaded applications on luxurious lace and sparkling tulle

Model: g-mo2-95

Model: b-i4-4

Model: b-u4-45

Model: b-i4-33

Model: b-mo4-88

Model: b-i4-8

Model: b-e4-5

Model: b-i4-52

Model: b-i4-38

Model: b-i4-42

Model: b-u4-41

Model: b-i4-2

Model: b-i4-32

Model: b-i4-37

Model: b-e4-1

Model: b-i4-56w

Model: b-u4-51

Model: b-i4-27

Model: b-e4-2

Model: b-i4-45

Model: b-i4-35

Model: b-e4-4

Model: b-4-242

Model: b-i4-12w

Model: b-4-3

Model: b-i4-6

Model: b-4-173

Model: b-i4-31

Model: b-u4-48

Model: b-i4-15w

Model: b-i4-7

Model: b-mo4-27

Model: b-i4-3

Model: b-u4-49

Model: b-i4-55w

Model: b-4-4

Model: b-i4-29

Model: b-u4-44

Model: b-i4-9

Model: b-u4-52

Model: b-i4-22

Model: b-u4-33

Model: b-i4-39

Model: b-mo4-74

Model: b-a4-49

Model: b-a4-35

Model: b-i4-17

Model: b-i4-54w

Model: b-a4-64

Model: b-i4-1

Fishtale wedding dress with heart shape strapless bodice, lace-up back and a skirt with small train

Model: b-e4-10

Model: b-i4-20w

Model: b-i4-11

Model: b-a4-38

Model: b-n4-14

Model: b-4-5

Model: b-i4-12

Model: b-u4-18

Model: b-a4-65

Model: b-i4-28w

Model: b-u4-21

Model: b-4-243

Model: b-a4-47

Model: b-i4-28

Model: b-u4-43

Model: b-4-7

Model: b-a4-59

Model: b-i4-30

Model: b-n4-12

Model: b-i4-34

Model: b-a4-42

Model: b-u4-42

Model: b-n4-7

Model: b-4-146

Model: b-u4-46

Model: b-4-191

Model: b-n4-8

Model: b-u4-27

Model: b-a4-1

Model: b-u4-29

Model: b-i4-34w

Model: b-a2-14

Model: b-mo4-41

Model: b-n2-97

Model: b-mo4-25

Model: b-u4-46

Model: g-ul2-63

Style your wedding outfit with accessories

Wedding dresses, our stylish bridal gowns

Are looking for modern wedding dresses with glamour look, you will find it at Robin Uitgaansmode in Amsterdam. In our store you will find a very wide choice of stylish bridal dresses and short wedding dresses. When you prefer to get married in a coloured wedding dress, we have wide variety on stock. All for a very affordable price. This leaves money for the party and the honeymoon.

Robin wedding dresses in white, ivory and coloured

In the Robin collection you find the modern coloured glamor wedding dresses or the classic bridal dresses in the ivory with drag. The stylish multi-colour wedding dresses are available with a strapless top or with narrow / wide shoulder straps. Furthermore, in our store you will find the smooth chiffon wedding dress with open back and slit. The Taffeta wedding dresses are available with a bolero jacket and a skirt that runs wide at the bottom.
The sizes of our wedding dresses are available from the size 28 to the large sizes dresses 52 or 54. Depending on the model there are different sizes in stock at the store. The short wedding dresses in ivory are often used for beach and garden weddings or as a dress for the evening in which you dance and party. The ivory and coloured short wedding dresses are available in different models.
Our bridal fashion is available for every budget, from cheap wedding dresses from 98 euros to designer wedding dresses with a drag up to 898 euros.

Wedding accessories complete your outfit

With a small addition you can make a lot of difference. Robin offers you a choice of accessories for the bride. For example, as an addition to the wedding dress we have hair accessories, veils, gloves, garters and boleros. Do not forget our collection of wedding-shoes, which you can make one whole with the wedding dress. You can have bridal shoes and bags painted in the colour of the dress. We also have ring cushions, bride umbrellas and clothing covers.

Wedding guests

For the mothers of the bride and groom, we have classy collection of dresses. Finally, you would also neat and festive look on the wedding day of your daughter or son.
The bride is often accompanied by one or more bridesmaids. For the young flower girls, we have a unique collection of girls' dresses from our own label. To the sisters and friends of the couple to dress stylishly you can take a look at the collection for maid of honor.
Thinking of the invitee from entering a particular clothing style? We have listed the most famous wedding dress codes for you.
We are happy to help you find the right outfit for you and your loved ones. Schedule an appointment and visit our store.