White prom dresses

The white and ivory long evening gown are available in varies models. The Fishtail white dress with an elegant lace overlay and fitted bodice is a perfect match for weddings or formal events. The sexy white fitted dress with an illusion deep V-neck reflect your feminine and grace.

Model: b-4-174

Model: b-4-4

Model: b-e4-2

Model: b-4-3

Model: b-4-198

Model: b-e4-7

Model: b-4-7

Model: b-e4-6

Model: b-4-6

Model: g-mo2-68

Model: b-u4-49

Model: b-mo4-88

Model: b-4-173

Model: b-e4-5

Model: b-mo4-74

Model: b-a4-35

Model: b-mo4-25

Model: b-e4-8

Model: b-4-242

Model: b-4-191

Model: g-mo2-72

Model: b-a4-42

Model: b-a4-49

Model: b-4-5

Mermaid prom dress with beautiful contrasting beaded applications on luxurious lace and sparkling tulle

Model: g-mo2-95

Model: b-a4-1

Model: b-4-9

Model: b-a4-47

Model: b-u4-21

Fishtale wedding dress with heart shape strapless bodice, lace-up back and a skirt with small train

Model: b-e4-10

Model: g-ul2-63

Model: b-a4-38

Model: b-n4-14

Model: b-u4-44

Model: b-e4-9

Model: b-u4-41

Model: b-mo4-27

Model: b-u4-42

Model: b-u4-33

Model: b-4-243

Model: b-u4-43

Model: b-n4-12

Model: b-n4-7

Model: b-n4-8

Model: g-ul2-87

Model: g-mo2-41

Model: b-a2-14

Model: b-n2-97

Model: g-ul2-29

Style your gala outfit with accessories

Why not wear al long dresses in off-white or ivory?

The long prom dresses are available in various shades of white, from snow white to cream coloured and ivory. The glamour white party dresses are decorated with silver coloured sequins and beautiful lace accents. The white dresses are worn at proms, gala’s as well at a wedding. For a formal event like the Wiener ball, please check our wedding dresses page for even more snow-white dresses. In the Robin selection white dresses, you find the luxurious fitted jersey dresses and the flary tule and lace embroidered gowns. The supple chiffon dresses are available as tight fit models and with flared circle skirts. For every occasion you can find the perfect dress in white.