Short prom dresses

The short dresses come with narrow satin straps, also known as the spaghetti straps or beaded wide bands. If you dare for an extra feminine look, choose a strapless short dress with a straight or sweetheart neckline.

Model: c-e1-10

Model: c-n1-82

Model: c-1-69

Model: c-mo1-13

Model: c-mo1-22

Model: c-p1-2

Model: c-1-55

Model: c-a1-79

Model: c-p1-4

Model: c-mo1-23

Model: c-1-65

Model: c-n1-85

Model: c-u1-119

Model: c-u1-125

Glitter cocktail dress with long sleeves, a feminine V-neckline, and a short skirt with a small slit

Model: c-a1-88

Model: c-p1-1

Model: c-ul1-73

Model: c-1-72

Model: c-u1-121

Model: c-u1-123

Model: c-n1-69

Model: c-e1-9

Model: c-1-67

Model: c-1-42

Model: c-ul1-71

Short evening dress with a wrap bodice, covered shoulders, a glittering appliqué at the waist and a knee-length skirt.

Model: c-a1-89

Model: c-a1-87

Model: c-ul1-62

Short evening dress with pleated skirt, sweetheart neckline and ¾ sleeves covered with delicate lace

Model: c-e1-11

Model: c-1-64

Model: c-u1-115

Model: c-e1-9

Model: c-e1-10

Model: c-u1-120

Model: c-ul1-72

Model: c-1-44

Model: c-ul1-55

Model: c-u1-127

Model: c-u1-119

Model: c-u1-113

Model: c-n1-79

Glitter wrap V-neckline dress with pleated bodice, narrow straps, and V-style short skirt

Model: c-u1-129

Model: c-u1-104

Model: c-u1-117

Model: c-n1-84

Model: c-u1-118

Model: c-u1-119

Model: c-ul1-69

Model: c-n1-88

Model: c-u1-114

Model: c-mo1-3

Model: c-a1-76

Model: c-1-57

Model: c-ul1-61

Model: c-u1-112

Model: c-a1-84

Model: c-a1-2

Model: c-ul1-68

Model: c-u1-102

Model: c-a1-87

Model: c-u1-119

Model: c-u1-130

Model: c-1-50

Model: c-ul1-65

Model: c-ul1-32

Model: c-ul1-64

Model: c-1-48

Model: c-n1-64

Model: c-1-60

Model: c-a1-8

Model: c-1-70

Model: c-1-44

Model: c-u1-100

Model: c-1-54

Style your gala outfit with accessories

The cute short dress for every princess to be

The stylish short prom dresses are made of chiffon fabrics in a light and dark colour. A selection of the dresses is beaded with silver stones and sequins. The prom gowns are available with different types of necklines. Looking for an elegant look to wear at formal event, the high-neck dresses might be a better option. The short dresses start with prices around 149 up to 398 euro, with a few dresses to tip the 500 euro. The fashionable short dresses for weddings, prom and dance parties can be found at Robin in Amsterdam.

Can I wear a short dress to prom?

Today it is perfectly okay as long as you are comfortable in it and it is in line with the dress code of the event. The short dresses are a suitable choice for black tie party, where is not allowed to wear a nice summer dress or when the invitation state that long dresses are requested. In addition to freedom to move and dance short dresses will also make you look taller. They reveal more and that combined with some elegant high heels, they can make you look like you grew some inches overnight. All Robin dresses are feminine cut and give a nice waist accent. Do not hesitate to come to Robin Uitgaansmode.