Sexy prom dresses, low back and high slit

The sexy prom dresses have a high slit, deep V-neck or strapless décolleté. Many of the dresses have a low open back, sometimes called the back neckline. These fitted prom dresses enclose your body and allow you to be the centrepiece of the party.

Sexy prom dress with semi-sheer glitter bodice, sweetheart neckline and flowy circle skirt

Model: g-u2-228

Model: g-mo2-64

Model: g-mo2-61

Model: g-u2-220

Sexy prom dress with semi-sheer lace bodice, a deep V-neckline and back, narrow straps and long chiffon skirt

Model: g-u2-230

Sexy prom with stunning beaded lace, a high slit, an illusion deep V-neck and a low back

Model: g-mo2-98

Model: g-mo2-72

Model: g-u2-222

Model: g-e2-5

Beaded lace prom dress, sexy slit, charming V-neckline, and back plunging neckline

Model: g-mo2-93

Model: g-mo2-76

Prom dress with heart shape neckline, wide waistband, and a long skirt with wrap split

Model: g-u2-218

Model: g-a2-36

Glamor sequin dress, sexy high slit, a V-neckline, narrow straps, and half open back

Model: g-mo2-92

Sweetheart neckline prom dress with draped ruffles and long slit skirt with thigh high slit

Model: g-e2-36

Model: g-mo2-74

Model: g-e2-7

Model: g-e2-27

Huntergreen Red carpet high slit plunging neckline prom dress with draped fabric and asymmetrical skirt

Model: g-e2-34

Mermaid prom dress with beautiful contrasting beaded applications on luxurious lace and sparkling tulle

Model: g-mo2-95

Model: g-2-250

Model: g-p2-12

Model: g-2-252

Model: g-p2-13

Model: g-2-251

Model: g-u2-229

Model: g-mo2-62

Sexy prom dress decorated with metallic flower pattern, a low round neckline, thin straps, and high slit

Model: g-mo2-96

Glittery prom dress with a high slit, a wrap over V-neck and narrow straps with a lace-up closure

Model: g-u2-209

Strapless prom dress with beaded bodice, dropped shoulders and floor-length skirt with a high slit

Model: g-e2-40

Model: g-mo2-83

Model: g-mo2-91

Glamorous prom dress decorated with sequin beading, one-shoulder neckline, and high slit in the skirt with a train

Model: g-mo2-99

Evening dress with a high slit, a heart shape neckline, straight shoulder straps and a semi-open back with unique lines.

Model: g-e2-35

Model: g-ul2-88

Prom dress with cascade neckline, narrow straps with a continuous lacing and wrap-over high slit

Model: g-u2-214

Prom dress with sequin beaded bodice, illusion deep V-neckline, semi-open back and long skirt with tulle overlay.

Model: g-u2-224

Model: g-a2-38

Model: g-2-244

Model: g-ul2-91

Model: g-2-241

Model: g-mo2-84

Model: g-mo2-97

Model: b-4-3

Model: g-e2-6

Model: g-2-247

Model: g-e2-38

Model: g-mo2-59

Model: g-2-249

Model: g-mo2-85

Model: g-mo2-78

Model: g-u2-216

Model: g-2-239

Model: g-mo2-81

Model: g-2-242

Model: g-e2-25

Model: g-mo2-75

Model: g-e2-33

Sparkling prom dress with glittery bodice, an A-line skirt, and thin straps criss-cross over the open back

Model: g-e2-39

Glitter dress with long sleeves, a feminine V-neckline, gathered waistband and long skirt with a high slit

Model: g-a2-72

Model: g-2-248

Model: g-mo2-87

Model: g-n2-148

Model: g-e2-33

Model: g-2-237

Model: g-ul2-92

Model: g-n2-150

Model: g-mo2-77

Model: g-ul2-84

Model: g-e2-1

Model: g-a2-49

Model: g-mo2-67

Model: g-a2-37

Model: g-2-245

Model: g-2-238

Model: g-e2-3

Model: g-2-236

Model: b-4-4

Off-shoulder prom dress with Bardot neckline, a side split in the straight skirt with a draped and hip train

Model: g-e2-41

Model: g-e2-8

Model: g-ul2-86

Model: g-e2-31

Model: g-mo2-68

Model: g-ul2-67

Model: b-4-6

Model: g-2-230

Model: g-e2-28

Model: g-2-234

Model: g-2-177

Model: g-2-201

Model: g-2-194

Model: g-2-193

Prom dress with a long chiffon skirt, a slit, a lace bodice decorated with beads and narrow straps

Model: g-ul2-94

Model: g-mo2-33

Model: b-4-7

Model: g-mo2-53

Model: g-n2-119

Model: g-e2-22

Model: b-4-5

Model: g-u2-191

Model: g-2-235

Model: g-2-177

Model: g-a2-69

Model: g-5-6

Model: g-3-37

Model: g-3-42

Evening dress with a V-neckline with pleated wrap, wide shoulder straps, a V-back and a hidden slit

Model: g-u2-210

Model: g-2-2

Model: g-2-19

Model: g-3-43

Model: g-2-174

Model: g-2-173

Model: g-5-19

Model: b-4-9

Model: g-n2-111

Model: g-2-165

Model: g-n2-113

Model: g-2-166

Model: g-u2-205

Model: g-n2-38

Model: g-2-226

Model: g-n2-60

Model: g-2-112

Style your gala outfit with accessories

Thrilling dresses with slit

The sexy evening dresses with a low back and slit are available in luxury tricot fabrics and in flowing chiffons. The slit is visible with some dresses, with other models it only becomes visible during walking. The slit is nicely incorporated into the dress or hidden behind a beautiful train. In most cases, the slit is slanted on the leg, so that the skin of one leg is visible. A few models have several slits in the skirt, creating a playful and summery look.

Low Back Prom Dresses

An open back dress has a mystical appearance. The visible skin of the back and shoulders provide a charming look, with a stylish touch. There are several options of the depth of the back cleavage. The sexiest ones are the opening to the low back. The lace-up dresses partially conceal the lower part. The shoulder straps continue to the back, where they run straight or cross over the skin.
The semi-open back often returns with the strapless dresses. At the keyhole or round openings on the back, lace or transparent fabrics are used to cover pieces of the skin.

White tie prom dresses with a sexy look

The dresses on this page are often chosen for galas with the dress code White tie, where the dresses may be slightly sexier. The White tie dress code means for the gentlemen in a dress coat and the ladies arrive in a beautiful long dress. This dress code is asked for example at a navy ball and official occasions such as exclusive galas and chic weddings. The sexy dresses are worn with a low back, nice cleavage or high slit on the foreleg. The ladies have the option to wear elbow gloves. The gloves, bags and evening shoes should be in the same color as the dress at White tie. We have a nice collection of evening shoes that can be painted in the color of the dress.