Sequin dresses

Go dress to impress in a shimmering dress in sequin fabrics or partly or fully beaded bodice with sequins and stones. The sequin dresses are perfect to wear to a glamour or dance party. You are sure you will make a shining entrance.

Model: g-u2-222

Model: g-mo2-83

Model: g-mo2-62

Model: g-u2-220

Model: g-2-247

Model: g-mo2-77

Sexy prom with stunning beaded lace, a high slit, an illusion deep V-neck and a low back

Model: g-mo2-98

Model: g-mo2-97

Glittery fitted prom dress with waterfall neckline and lace-up open back

Model: g-u2-226

Model: g-mo2-72

Model: g-a2-36

Model: g-mo2-91

Sexy prom dress decorated with metallic flower pattern, a low round neckline, thin straps, and high slit

Model: g-mo2-96

Model: g-mo2-84

Model: g-p2-12

Model: g-mo2-61

Model: g-mo2-64

Model: g-e2-26

Model: g-2-241

Model: g-e2-33

Sparkling prom dress with glittery bodice, an A-line skirt, and thin straps criss-cross over the open back

Model: g-e2-39

Model: g-mo2-81

Model: g-mo2-87

Model: g-u2-217

Model: g-mo2-75

Model: g-e2-27

Model: g-mo2-59

Model: g-mo2-77

Model: g-mo2-78

Model: g-2-250

Model: g-mo2-85

Model: g-2-251

Model: g-u2-191

Model: g-n2-145

Model: g-e2-31

Model: g-u2-213

Model: g-mo2-76

Glittery prom dress with a high slit, a wrap over V-neck and narrow straps with a lace-up closure

Model: g-u2-209

Model: g-e2-25

Model: g-a2-57

Model: g-a2-37

Model: g-mo2-61

Model: g-mo2-86

Model: g-2-244

Model: g-e2-2

Model: g-mo2-74

Model: g-2-245

Model: g-2-229

Model: g-mo2-68

Model: g-e2-27

Model: g-mo2-67

Model: g-a2-49

Model: g-e2-3

Model: g-mo2-87

Model: g-2-237

Model: g-e2-16

Model: g-mo2-52

Model: g-a2-66

Model: g-mo2-33

Model: g-n2-148

Model: g-mo2-67

Model: g-2-234

Evening dress with flowy cap sleeves, decorative beaded at the waist and along the neckline

Model: g-e2-42

Model: g-2-237

Model: g-2-97

Model: b-4-6

Model: g-u2-205

Model: g-n2-33

Model: g-5-18

Model: g-n2-34

Model: g-n2-154

Model: g-5-12

Model: g-2-97

Model: g-ul2-66

Model: g-n2-104

Model: g-n2-38

Model: g-ul2-63

Model: g-n2-35

Model: g-2-97

Model: g-ul2-50

Model: g-u2-205

Model: g-n2-121

Model: g-n2-118

Style your gala outfit with accessories

Shimmering gowns beaded with rhinestones and lovers

The sequin dresses are available in a range of models. For a sexy and glamorous look, choose a shimmering dress with a low back and a high slit on the foreleg. Lookout for the bond girls dress with an illusion deep V-neck or are with side cut outs, which are mysteries and elegant. For something special you find the chiffon mermaid prom dress trimmed with large coloured stones, a high slit and a small drag.

Shimmering dresses for holidays partys

Glamour party dresses with sequins and stones, with a fitted model give you a female and sexy look. Robin has modern prom dresses in which are stunning and unique. During Christmas events you wear a red, green or gold evening dress. On New Year’s Eve you can choose a silver, blue or black party dress. You have the options of a full beaded dress or partly shinning accents at the waist, bodice or around the neckline. The sequin dresses are available as a mermaid model, long glamour dress with slit or a trendy evening dresses with sequins and low back. The stunning evening gowns have a subtle transition with sequins between the skirt and the bodice. The long sequin dresses are perfect to wear on a wedding or special occasion.