Red prom dresses

Find your perfect red party dress or red evening gown in the enticing selection of dresses. You will find fitted long red tricot prom dresses with slit, the supple sophisticated burgundy red chiffon dresses with low back and the charming tule ball gown with a red corset bodice.

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Wrap V-neck evening dress, narrow shoulder straps and hidden split in the long skirt

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Burgundy Strapless prom dress with beaded bodice and high slit

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Sweetheart neckline prom dress with draped ruffles and long slit skirt with thigh high slit

Model: g-e2-36

Model: g-2-254

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Model: g-e2-8

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Model: g-5-12

Burgundy Red carpet prom dress with high slit and plunging neckline

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Model: g-2-173

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Model: g-n2-36

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Model: g-3-45

Prom dress with heart shape neckline, wide waistband, and a long skirt with wrap split

Model: g-u2-218

Prom dress with a long chiffon skirt, a slit, a lace bodice decorated with beads and narrow straps

Model: g-ul2-94

Model: g-ul2-93

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Why choose a red prom dress for a party?

Besides of the side of traditional, a red dress is perfect for any event. No matter which message you want to send, a burgundy or red dress will help you do it. Long dresses in a variety shades of red have been commonly linked with happiness and power for various ceremonies. The colour red is commonly associated with love and passion, In China it is represented as good luck, in Russia it is a sign of beauty, for Swedish person red stands for privilege, and enchant joy in Singapore. The red long dresses are available in a range of small and plus sizes, depending on the model. A selection of the red dresses is on stock in the small sizes 26 to 34, but also in look-a-like version in large sizes from 44 and sometimes 50 or 52. The simple evening dresses without glitter are elegantly stylish. The luxurious red dresses are often beaded with silver or gold coloured stones and lovers. The bright red glamour dresses include the complete red sequin dresses. The neckline at the evening gowns are often high-necked or has an elegant neckline. The sexy red glamour dresses have a deeply cut V-neck, open-back and are finished with a high slit. Visit our store in Amsterdam to see all red dresses.