Prom dresses in purple and lilac

The prom dresses in purple start with the light shade of lilac and continue through the violet to the dark purple coloured dresses. The light purple coloured dresses are suitable for the bridesmaids, while the long prom dresses in the aubergine are more worn to gala's, prize ceremony’s and school parties.

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Model: g-2-198

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Glittery prom dress with a high slit, a wrap over V-neck and narrow straps with a lace-up closure

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Model: g-n2-150

Model: g-n2-48

Prom dress with a long chiffon skirt, a slit, a lace bodice decorated with beads and narrow straps

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Style your gala outfit with accessories

Long dresses in the colour’s violet and aubergine

Many people have a different opinion in the shades of purple, the reason is the overflow to the colours red and blue. The light shades such as lilac or violet are close to pink and are therefore very suitable as bridesmaid dresses and give a feminine touch. The dark shade aubergine leans against the black and provides a stylish and powerful appearance. A dark purple evening dress is perfect for an official event or award ceremony. Are you curious if a purple dress fits you? Feel free to visit our store, making an appointment is not necessary.