Green prom dresses

If you are looking for a stylish dress in a special colour, then green is a great option. It is a colour that illustrate both class and a modest appearance. In our collection you will find everything from light green and mint coloured dresses to dark green long evening dresses.

Prom dress with heart shape neckline, wide waistband, and a long skirt with wrap split

Model: g-u2-218

Model: g-mo2-67

Model: g-2-193

Model: g-e2-11

Model: g-e2-1

Huntergreen Strapless prom dress with beaded bodice and high slit

Model: g-e2-40

Model: g-e2-33

Model: g-u2-222

Model: g-e2-3

Strapless prom dress with dropped shoulders, glamor waistband, in a fit & flare model with a small train.

Model: g-e2-43

Model: g-p2-1

Model: g-e2-6

Model: g-n2-145

Model: g-2-230

Model: g-e2-2

Model: g-a2-67

Model: g-e2-32

Model: g-mo2-91

Model: g-2-234

Model: g-e2-12

Huntergreen Red carpet high slit plunging neckline prom dress with draped fabric and asymmetrical skirt

Model: g-e2-34

Model: g-e2-11

Model: g-e2-30

Model: g-2-177

Model: g-e2-33

Model: g-e2-5

Model: g-e2-8

Model: g-e2-9

Model: g-a2-37

Model: g-e2-19

Model: g-n2-112

Evening dress with sweetheart neckline, pleated wrap bodice and narrow shoulder straps

Model: g-u2-215

Model: g-e2-24

Model: g-2-249

Model: g-a2-47

Evening dress with a V-neckline, a wide waistband and a long skirt that hits the floor

Model: g-u2-233

Model: g-n2-39

Model: g-e2-11

Model: g-2-19

Model: g-a2-60

Model: g-ul2-89

Model: g-n2-65

Model: g-u2-197

Evening dress with a V-neckline with pleated wrap, wide shoulder straps, a V-back and a hidden slit

Model: g-u2-210

Prom dress with lace bodice, V-neckline, narrow straps over the low open back and flowy pleated skirt

Model: g-u2-227

Prom dress with a long chiffon skirt, a slit, a lace bodice decorated with beads and narrow straps

Model: g-ul2-94

Model: g-2-226

Style your gala outfit with accessories

Display richness or freshness in a green dress

Green is the colour of the emerald gemstone or reminds people of the springtime. The appearance of a green evening dress therefore differs with the shades of this special colour. In a dark green dress with lace you can safely appear at an official gala or event. The mint green or pastel coloured dresses are more often chosen for weddings or summer parties. These green evening dresses are often featured with a V-neckline and a high slit in the long skirt. Come to our shop and try for yourself which green dress fits you best. And find out which jewellery suits best with a green dress.