Online sales?

We believe that you should fit a dress, for size and model. Because only a few women have the same sizes and figure as a fashion model. This is one of the reasons that we only sell through our shop in Amsterdam. We have been doing this for more than thirty years to the full satisfaction of our customers.
Also the shoes, veils, jewelry and other accessories are sold exclusively in the store. And cannot be ordered online.

  • If you want to order an prom or wedding dress online elsewhere?

    • Make sure it is clear from whom you buy and where this company is located. If you can not find the contact details now, this is usually a bad sign! Try to ask a question by e-mail or telephone, then you know how fast they react. Before ordering, read the delivery conditions carefully, search for the extra costs such as import taxes and transport costs.
    • Keep in mind, if you order abroad, different rules may apply. Can you return the dress? If the dress is custom made or tailored, for your body sizes, you cannot return the dress. When have to tailor anything, let yourself be measured by more people, because everyone measures different. It often happens that a manufacturer uses a sizes larger size dress to change it to your size/fit. Especially if one part of your body is bigger/smaller than other parts the differences can cause a bad result.
    • Please note that the supplier cannot see your curves. With a non "standard" figure, the dress will not match your body shape. You can change the dress again, at a local tailor, but this will cost extra money. If you have this done at a studio, which has little or no experience with evening dresses, you ask for trouble. Your beautiful dress is not what you had dreamed of.
    • Sometimes you get a dress that looks similar with the picture on the website. Some manufacturers only copy the dresses. What you see on the picture is not what you really get, but a copy of it. The fabric, colour and model are different than you expected. A dress is very nice to the person in the photo, but this is no guarantee that it fits nicely with you.

Come to our store and find the dress which fits you

Our passion is to find the most beautiful dress that fits your personality, appearance, size, figure and budget. Our extensive collection of 1500+ dresses is supplemented almost weekly with new models. This allows you to choose from the latest prom dresses, sexy dresses, chic evening dresses and wedding dresses. Besides our dresses we also have a nice collection of shoes, evening bags, jewelry and accessories to complete your outfit.

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