Alterations service

The dresses purchased in our shop can be altered by qualified seamstresses in our own studio. Several adjustments may be required to fit a dress. This can range from a small thing as adjusting the straps, shortening the skirt to more elaborate work such as taking up a bodice. When purchasing, we discuss with you what is possible and what the costs will be.

Tailoring studio

As an extra service, we can also provide tailoring for new ladies' daywear and men's occasion wear, such as trousers, shirts and jackets. Are you curious about which adjustments are possible in our Tailoring studio?

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Alter prom dress or wedding dress

When selecting the dresses for our collection, we look at the fit and how the fabric is processed. Every woman differs per shape and proportions, finding the perfect fit can sometimes be difficult. Fortunately, there is often a solution to ensure that the dress fits and falls properly. You buy a wedding dress or evening dress for a special occasion. The alternations process of a dress for a wedding or a prom is really a profession. It has to be done very accurately, something you can safely leave to the Robin team with experienced seamstresses.

When is the best time to have your dress changed?

We have many wedding dresses and evening dresses in stock in our boutique. This means that we can often check which alternations are needed during your first visit. In some cases, the correct size must be ordered from the supplier. Then an extra fitting moment is often necessary to know where and how many changes are needed.
We agree a date with the customer when the dress will be ready. Make a separate appointment to pick up the dress, where you will of course try on the dress to see the end result.
Depending on the amount of tailoring work and the season, you should take into account two to four weeks between the first fittting and the moment the dress is ready.

Shortening a evening dress

The length of the skirt is an important part of the dress, you don't want to stumble into an entrance and walk with a hole in your dress all evening. The shortening of a prom or wedding dress depends on the shoes you are going to wear. Have you already bought shoes or bring them with you. Don't have any shoes yet? No problem, we have a special collection of gala and bridal shoes, there might be the perfect shoe for your outfit. We also have different fitting-shoes with a variety of heel heights to determine the length of the dress. If the dress has a train and you are not a fan of it, you can also have it made shorter.

Dress Alterations

Taking it in a wedding dress

Is the dress a bit on the tight or roomy side during the fit? In most cases, this can be remedied by taking it in or altering at the right places. This ensures that your wedding dress fits nicely on your body. The laying out and taking in is mainly done along the seam of the closure and / or along the (side) seams of the dress. This keeps the model of the dress and you will no longer see any of the adjustments.

Adjust a neckline of a prom dress

Sometimes you have found your perfect model prom dress, but you think it just too sexy for the occasion. This can often be solved with small adjustments. With an extra piece of fabric, a deep V-neck gets a neat look. We can attach beautiful straps or halter straps to a strapless dress.

How much do dress alterations cost?

The costs for adjusting a prom dress or wedding dress depend on what needs to be done. You will understand that extensive work as taking in a bodice cost more than an alternation as adjusting the shoulder straps. We always give you the rates of alternations in advance.


Seamstress Amsterdam

You can also contact us for common changes to new clothing. Whether it is to shorten your pants, are the sleeves of your blouse too long, or is your jacket too big or too small? We make sure it fits. We first discuss the desired result with you, so that we can give you the exact costs and the expected ready date.

Shorten, altering or have trousers & trousers taken in

You can expertly leave the taking in of trousers and, if possible, the extending of trousers to our experienced seamstresses. When you bring your pants, we will ask you to put them on. So we can determine the correct length, for a good result.

Are you looking for a good tailor or dressmaker in Amsterdam?

Have you bought new clothing and it turns out that it doesn't have the right fit? Then we can help you, so that you can shine in your new outfit. Feel free to inquire what we can do for you.