Evening dresses with sleeves

For the ladies who like to have the shoulders or arms covered, you can opt for the evening gowns with sleeves. The dresses with sleeves are made of elegant chiffon, wide and flary Taffeta fabrics and in the luxurious jersey.

Model: g-a2-64

Evening dress with flowy cap sleeves, decorative beaded at the waist and along the neckline

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Eccentric evening dress with lace bodice, cape style sleeves and long floor-length skirt

Model: g-u2-219

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Evening dress with lace bodice, modest V-neckline, covered shoulders, cap sleeves and long skirt to the floor

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Model: g-u2-12

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Model: g-a2-47

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Style your evening outfit with accessories

Dress with different lengths of sleeves

Evening dresses with sleeves are available in different lengths and fabrics. The short sleeves fall just over your shoulder and are often made of lace or other transparent material. For women’s who need a little cover, the right choice is a evening dress with half long sleeves. The standard lengths are slight over the elbow, with the part of the forearm remaining uncovered. This type of sleeves is called three-quarter.

Where to buy long sleeves dresses?

Searching for a sophisticated dress with long sleeves? If you want to stand out from the crowd, why not choose a lacey sleeved floor length prom dress. Browse our selection short and half-long sleeve gowns. The evening dress with sleeve starts with the small sizes and goes through to the large sizes 50, depending on the model we have these dresses in different sizes in stock.