Short evening dresses

Short evening dresses are very suitable for weddings, company events and party’s with dress code tenue de ville. These stylish short gowns are made of chiffon in plain colours or occasionally multi coloured prints.

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Model: c-e1-2

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Short evening dress with pleated skirt, sweetheart neckline and ¾ sleeves covered with delicate lace

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Model: c-a1-73

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Model: c-a1-87

Short evening dress with waterfall sleeves, a lace-embellished V-neckline and a straight skirt that hits below the knee

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Model: c-e1-6

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Style your evening outfit with accessories

Formal short dresses with a bolero jacket

The stylish short formal dresses are delicate beaded with silver stones and sequins or have embroidered lace appliques. The necklines are of these dresses are sophisticated and elegant. There V-neck short evening dresses are less deep and featured with wider shoulder straps or small cap sleeves. The short strapless gowns are combined with a bolero jacket to cover the upperparts in stylish way.

Feminine and elegant short evening dresses for every occasion

The short evening dresses are feminine and elegant. Most short evening dresses have a bolero jacket or a matching stole, so that the arms and shoulders can be covered. With the dress code Tenue the Ville the ladies are expected in a formal cocktail dress or short evening dress, possibly finished with a hat or hair accessories. The shoes are clearly visible below the short evening dress. When you can walk on high heels, choose a shoe with a point shape. This ensures that your legs appear longer and slimmer. If you prefer a lower shoes, which are beautiful, stylish and comfortable, we have a wide choice of bridal and gala shoes, which can be painted in the colour of the dress. On the page Shoes you will find an overview of our collection. Come and visit Robin in Amsterdam.