What do you wear to a wedding?

The invitation for a wedding is arrived. The important question arises; "What shall I wear?" Will you go for a short or long dress? It’s depends on the type of marriage you are invited to. Is there a dress code on the invitation, follow the guidelines. If there is no dress code on the wedding card, go stylishly and neatly dressed; it looks beautiful on the wedding photos and the bride will certainly appreciate this.

Dress code for a wedding

Do you have doubts about what to wear at a wedding and do you not want to appear under- or overdressed? Follow the dress code which is requested, the requests can vary from smartly dressed, cocktail, dress, gala, festive, black tie and casual chic. For all dress codes don’t choose black; the wedding is a happy occasion. The shades of navy blue, dark green or aubergine are great alternatives. The bride often wears a white or ivory gown, these shades are also off limit. Sometimes the bridal couple asks for a certain theme colour for the wedding or party. You can have this shade reflected in your accessory or choose as base colour for your dress. Try your best to look beautiful on this festive day, but make sure your outfit does not exceed the bridal couple. A pair of jeans is really taboo for the ladies, in some cases the men can get away with it when it is dark and tidy. Also check the location of the wedding and party, a wedding on the beach requires a different type of dress than a party in a chic hotel. If possible, wear shoes with heels or at least pumps. Even if you do not walk on it daily, a wedding is the opportunity to put them on.

Tips for Wedding Guests

  • Follow the desired dress code.
  • Choose colour, avoid black and white.
  • Do not exceed the bridal couple!
  • Go for stylish and elegant.
  • Leave those jeans at home.
  • Take the party location into account.
  • Wear pumps or (high) heels.

How to choose the right outfit for a dress code

A dress code for a wedding is becoming increasingly popular! By choosing a dress code, the bridal couple knows that the guests appear at the wedding in a desired style. But which style belongs to which dress code? We are going to give you direction in the labyrinth of guidelines and possibilities. The list shows the different dress codes which are often requested for a wedding. This way you jump directly to the explanation or page of the relevant dress code.

Dresscode Smart Casual

The perfect Smart Casual ladies outfit

With the Smart Casual dress code you combine clothes in a playful way, on the condition that everything looks neat and stylish. Because this can be interpreted in many ways, you will see many differences in implementation. This dress code is often used for weddings, it is a very accessible dress code which is elegant and fashionable. As a lady you choose a dress, suit or chic jumpsuit. A short evening dress or trendy cocktail dress is a great choice, provided it is not too short. You go to a wedding, not a dance party. Do you have a fashionable jumpsuit or neat pants with a chic blouse hanging in the wardrobe? This is a good option, but jeans are a real no-go. A jacket is not an obligation, if you want to cover your shoulder, wear a stole or bolero jacket. Combine your outfit with a nice pair of pumps and fun accessories.

Dresscode Casual chic

What does the casual chic dress code mean?

The Casual Chic dress code is often requested at parties where the guests are expected to dress nicely. With this dress code you can wear a neat combination of an everyday outfit. With a long evening dress or an expensive costume, you are overdressed. But jeans, certainly with fraying and holes, are too common again. A nice short dress, a stylish skirt with a nice top or a nice pair of pants with a fashionable blouse are the right choices. When you look well-groomed and wear clothing with beautifully finished fabrics and materials, you know for sure that you meet the Casual Chic dress code. Be sure to complete your outfit with chic details or matching accessories.

Dresscode Summer Chic

What to wear with the dress code Summer Chic?

If the wedding or party is on the beach or in a garden, the dress code Summer Chic is an option. The name already betrays it a bit, summer clothing with a chic look. You have the choice of short dresses in light tones, pastel colours or a long dress with summer prints. The clothing is often made of airy and flexible fabrics. Under your dress you wear pumps, open shoes or ballerinas, but certainly no flip-flops. To complete your outfit, you can be creative with accessories, a hat, sunglasses or a stole may well be part of that. Make sure you look well-groomed and be subtle when it comes to makeup and your hair.

Style your wedding outfit with accessories