Great Gatsby party?

The Great Gatsby stands for glamour, glitter and grotesque parties from the 1920s of America. The party elite's motto was 'a little party never killed nobody'. The women's skirts and flapper dress became shorter and provocative during the roaring twenties. This vintage style of clothing and parties is now regularly used as a theme.
Below the explanation and tips you will find examples of outfits for a Great Gatsby Party.

Sexy prom dress decorated with metallic flower pattern, a low round neckline, thin straps, and high slit
Sexy prom with stunning beaded lace, a high slit, an illusion deep V-neck and a low back
Glamorous prom dress decorated with sequin beading, one-shoulder neckline, and high slit in the skirt with a train

Vintage outfits from the 20s

The Great Gatsby party is a reference to the extravagant parties described in Scott Fitzgerald's book of the same name from 1925. To show off the new wealth, extensive use was made of glitter and glamour in nightlife and daily fashion. With the reference to this period, the emphasis in this dress code is on the vintage look and clothing of a century ago. The most famous fashion image of that time is the garçonne look of the ladies, whereby the curves were displayed as minimally as possible. The dresses were as straight as possible, so that some ladies pursued an almost boyish look.
The style was by no means prudish, the clothing was more provocative. The length of the skirts became shorter, bare shoulders and the low back became the standard. The fabrics used became more transparent and / or provided with exuberant decorations. At the elite parties, many long dresses were also worn, finished with beaded or glamour fabrics. In addition to the black dresses, the colours became more radiant red, white, blue or a contrasting combination.
Because of the shorter dresses, there was more freedom to move and dance. A pair of danceable pumps are therefore an indispensable item for your outfit.
As accessories you have a lot of options, from hats and feathers in hair to striking glamour bracelets, earrings and jewellery.

Tips for a Great Gatsby Outfit

  • Dress with a short skirt.
  • Long glitter dress with a low back.
  • Transparent fabrics.
  • Visible shoulders.
  • Radiant colours.
  • Danceable Pumps.
  • Hat or feathers in the hair
  • Luxury jewellery.
  • Go over the Top!
Sexy prom dress decorated with metallic flower pattern, a low round neckline, thin straps, and high slit

Model: g-mo2-96

Model: g-mo2-62

Model: g-mo2-61

Model: g-e2-25

Sexy prom with stunning beaded lace, a high slit, an illusion deep V-neck and a low back

Model: g-mo2-98

Glamorous prom dress decorated with sequin beading, one-shoulder neckline, and high slit in the skirt with a train

Model: g-mo2-99

Model: g-u2-222

Off-the-shoulder evening dress with baroque embroidery across the bodice, in a figure-hugging fit with a small train

Model: g-mo2-100

Model: g-a2-37

Model: g-p2-1

Model: g-u2-220

Model: g-mo2-84

Model: g-mo2-61

Model: g-mo2-87

Model: g-mo2-83

Beaded lace prom dress, sexy slit, charming V-neckline, and back plunging neckline

Model: g-mo2-93

Model: g-e2-33

Model: g-mo2-78

Model: g-2-251

Glamor sequin dress, sexy high slit, a V-neckline, narrow straps, and half open back

Model: g-mo2-92

Glittery prom dress with a high slit, a wrap over V-neck and narrow straps with a lace-up closure

Model: g-u2-209

Model: g-e2-11

Model: g-2-243

Model: g-p2-8

Model: g-e2-26

Model: g-u2-217

Sexy prom dress with semi-sheer lace bodice, a deep V-neckline and back, narrow straps and long chiffon skirt

Model: g-u2-230

Model: g-p2-13

Model: g-mo2-87

Glittery fitted prom dress with waterfall neckline and lace-up open back

Model: g-u2-226

Prom dress with lace bodice, V-neckline, narrow straps over the low open back and flowy pleated skirt

Model: g-u2-227

Model: g-mo2-67

Strapless prom dress with beaded bodice, dropped shoulders and floor-length skirt with a high slit

Model: g-e2-40

Model: g-u2-216

Sparkling prom dress with glittery bodice, an A-line skirt, and thin straps criss-cross over the open back

Model: g-e2-39

Model: g-mo2-85

Glitter cocktail dress with long sleeves, a feminine V-neckline, and a short skirt with a small slit

Model: c-a1-88

Model: g-p2-12

Model: c-1-50

Model: g-e2-22

Prom dress with sequin beaded bodice, illusion deep V-neckline, semi-open back and long skirt with tulle overlay.

Model: g-u2-224

Model: g-2-252

Model: g-2-163

Model: g-mo2-97

Model: g-e2-31

Model: g-e2-16

Model: g-2-242

Model: g-u2-213

Model: g-mo2-77

Model: g-mo2-75

Model: g-mo2-81

Model: g-mo2-54

Model: g-n2-148

Model: g-2-241

Model: g-mo2-64

Model: g-mo2-79

Model: g-e2-3

Model: g-2-245

Model: g-mo2-76

Model: g-e2-2

Model: g-a2-36

Model: g-mo2-74

Model: g-n2-113

Model: g-2-235

Model: g-n2-117

Model: g-mo2-72

Glitter dress with long sleeves, a feminine V-neckline, gathered waistband and long skirt with a high slit

Model: g-a2-72

Model: g-2-229

Model: g-2-237

Model: g-n2-38

Model: c-n1-88

Style your Great Gatsby outfit with accessories

The roaring twenties, also fashion wise

The 1920s were the period of major changes. Not just the social or political transitions that caused a shift. There was also a shift in the fashion industry. The ladies started using clothing to show themselves and break with the conventional rules. For the first time there were clear fashion trends in daily and nightlife.

After the First World War there was a big rise in prosperity. People could spend more money on luxury products and their appearance. The "new rich" wanted to show this and this led to a huge growth in the fashion world. The designs became provocative and extravagant. The ladies were given the opportunity to show their femininity. More skin became visible, especially the shoulders and legs were shown openly. The dresses and skirts became shorter, but in most cases, they remained above the knee. This also had a practical advantage in the nightlife. In the bustling club circuit, partly at secret locations because of the ban on alcohol, was extensively danced. With the influence of jazz music, new dances were invented, such as the Charleston. To shorten the skirts even more for these dances, the fringe was decorated with strands of fabric, which created the flapper dress.

Beautiful legs could be seen, the invention of the skin-coloured tights certainly contributed to that. The fabrics became thinner and made it seem like they were bare legs.


Wearing accessories became a standard, and hats and jewellery were also worn during the day. A well-known cap from that time is the clochet hat. An excessive number of accessories was worn to a party, the ladies chose a lot of "luxury" jewellery. The long imitation pearl necklaces and scarves were much chosen items. A big necklace with large stones was certainly not over the top. The hair was often decorated with a decorative feather or a small hat. The earrings, rings and bracelets were certainly not missing. People wanted to be seen and show how prosperous they were. The outfits had to radiate glitter and glamour.

The Great Gatsby

In 1925 the American Scott Fitzgerald wrote one of the best-selling stories ever; The Great Gatsby.

The story is set on Long Island in New York in the turbulent 1920s. A charming ex-veteran, Jay Gatsby, managed to work his way up to the rich upper class and own a luxurious estate. No one knew where he and his wealth came from. He became famous for giving extravagant parties. The new rich and VIPs came to the parties to see and to be seen. And a party could well be used to escape the everyday problems and the ban on alcohol. The real purpose of organizing the parties appears later in the story.

Are you curious about how the story ends or do you want to get a picture of what the parties looked like at the time? The book has been made into a beautiful film with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead. We can also recommend the book for true enthusiasts.