Dresscode Gala

In general, a gala is a formal event, where stricter dress codes apply than at casual parties. Follow the dress code which is on the invitation, you can also expect Black Tie or Festive dress codes on the card. Keep up with the regulations associated with the required dress code.
Below the explanation and tips you will find the dresses in our collection for the dress code Gala.

What is dress code Gala?

A gala has mostly a ceremonial part, for which the men and women must dress properly. Appearing in the right clothes you show appreciation for the invitation. At school gala's, exclusive parties or ceremonies where a gala dress code is specifically requested, it is more likely to be overdressed than too simple! You can go big and be creative with your outfit.
The men's suit depends on the requested dress code and will at least consist of a two-piece suit. The ladies have a wide choice of long prom dresses and exclusive evening dresses. The length of the dress has to reach the floor or heel. Consider for a thin and supple fabric, generally the bodice is tightly fitted, combined with a smoothly skirt. In general, a V-neck or strapless neckline is chosen, a high-necked dress with transparent lace is also allowed. Take in consideration the type of event and location when choosing the colour of the dress, for officially events opt for calm colours. Going to a school gala you can safely choose a bright shades or multi-print prom dress, for a company event a neutral colour is nicer.
Wear pumps or shoes with heels, especially when the dress has a slit. If the shoes are in a different colour than the dress, make sure they match with your accessories. Wear striking earrings and possibly. a necklace or bracelet. A clutch or gala bag is allowed. Do not forget to provide a stylish make-up and a beautiful hairstyle.

Tips for Gala

  • Gala is a chic and formal dress code.
  • A long prom or evening dress.
  • Choose a colour which matches the event and location.
  • Shoes with heels or pumps.
  • Wear prominent or exclusive jewelry.
  • Clutch or gala bag is allowed.
  • Put effort in your hair and makeup.

Model: g-mo2-79

Model: g-e2-38

Model: g-2-174

Model: g-e2-6

Model: g-mo2-45

Model: g-2-193

Model: g-e2-38

Model: g-a2-36

Model: g-e2-14

Model: g-e2-19

Model: g-a2-67

Model: g-a2-38

Off-shoulder prom dress with Bardot neckline, a side split in the straight skirt with a draped and hip train

Model: g-e2-41

Strapless prom dress with dropped shoulders, glamor waistband, in a fit & flare model with a small train.

Model: g-e2-43

Model: g-e2-15

Beaded lace prom dress, sexy slit, charming V-neckline, and back plunging neckline

Model: g-mo2-93

Model: g-u2-211

Model: g-u2-216

Evening dress with lace bodice, modest V-neckline, covered shoulders, cap sleeves and long skirt to the floor

Model: g-u2-221

Sexy prom with stunning beaded lace, a high slit, an illusion deep V-neck and a low back

Model: g-mo2-98

Model: g-p2-2

Sexy prom dress decorated with metallic flower pattern, a low round neckline, thin straps, and high slit

Model: g-mo2-96

Model: g-mo2-43

Prom dress with heart shape neckline, wide waistband, and a long skirt with wrap split

Model: g-u2-218

Eccentric evening dress with lace bodice, cape style sleeves and long floor-length skirt

Model: g-u2-219

Model: g-a2-69

Evening gown with waterfall neckline and draped pleated bodice, narrow straps, and a semi-open

Model: g-u2-225

Model: g-a2-37

Model: g-2-238

Evening dress with a high slit, a heart shape neckline, straight shoulder straps and a semi-open back with unique lines.

Model: g-e2-35

Model: g-2-230

Sparkling prom dress with glittery bodice, an A-line skirt, and thin straps criss-cross over the open back

Model: g-e2-39

Model: g-2-243

Model: g-e2-13

Model: g-a2-66

Model: g-mo2-41

Model: g-n2-111

Model: g-mo2-42

Prom dress with a long chiffon skirt, a slit, a lace bodice decorated with beads and narrow straps

Model: g-ul2-94

Prom dress with lace bodice, V-neckline, narrow straps over the low open back and flowy pleated skirt

Model: g-u2-227

Prom dress with cascade neckline, narrow straps with a continuous lacing and wrap-over high slit

Model: g-u2-214

Glittery fitted prom dress with waterfall neckline and lace-up open back

Model: g-u2-226

Sweetheart neckline prom dress with draped ruffles and long slit skirt with thigh high slit

Model: g-e2-36

Sexy prom dress with semi-sheer lace bodice, a deep V-neckline and back, narrow straps and long chiffon skirt

Model: g-u2-230

Model: g-p2-6

Model: g-u2-6

Huntergreen Red carpet high slit plunging neckline prom dress with draped fabric and asymmetrical skirt

Model: g-e2-34

Model: g-n2-117

Model: g-2-173

Model: g-2-229

Model: g-mo2-53

Model: b-4-4

Model: g-2-246

Model: g-mo2-27

Model: g-n2-48

Model: g-2-231

Model: g-2-97

Model: g-n2-150

Wrap V-neck evening dress, narrow shoulder straps and hidden split in the long skirt

Model: g-u2-232

High-necked evening dress with lace bodice, decorated with beads, wide shoulder straps and long chiffon skirt

Model: g-u2-208

Model: g-u2-201

Model: g-u2-12

Model: g-u2-200

Model: g-u2-191

Model: g-mo2-40

Evening dress with flowy cap sleeves, decorative beaded at the waist and along the neckline

Model: g-e2-42

Model: g-u2-202

Model: g-u2-15

Model: g-2-226

Model: g-2-19

Style your gala outfit with accessories

How to pick the perfect gala outfit!

A gala is festive and chic, where you can go glamourous with your outfit. A long prom dress with strapless top or cut-out V-neck is mostly worn. If you feel more secure with a higher neckline, choose a model with a transparent lace boat neck. If you want to have more covered, there are options such as a stole, bolero jacket or a gown with sleeves. The dresses are made of soft and light fabrics, which give you freedom to dance. The skirt is falling straight along the body or slightly flared. A high slit gives an charming look to your outfit and you have the opportunity to show off your shoes. A mermaid model dress gives you mystical appearance and will certainly be appreciated. Wide dresses with tulle are chosen less for this dress code but are also allowed.

Accessories and shoes complete your gala outfit

Nothing is as festive as a good combination of shoes, jewellery, makeup and hairstyle. Pay plenty of attention to these. Advance in choosing the right shoes and accessories and on the day itself for your hair and makeup. Don’t go over the top, after all you want to appear chic and stylish at the gala.
You wear shoes with a heel or pumps. On most occasions dancing is included, which means that high heels are less suitable. A closed pump or an open shoe are allowed with the dress code gala. Make sure that the colour of the shoes matches the accessories that you wear.
Feel free to choose luxurious or eye-catching earrings. Whether or not to wear a necklace is highly dependent on the neckline of the dress, with a deep V-neck a droplet necklace is a perfect choice. A clutch or gala bag to store your lipstick or mobile is a good addition. A large handbag or backpack may be handy, but it is definitely not festive.
If it is really too fresh for your bare shoulders on the way to the party, wear a stole. You can store this inside in your clutch or drape it over your forearms. In the winter you can wear a neat long coat, which hangs loosely over your shoulders.
Long gloves are rarely worn with a gala dress code. If you do so, wear the bracelet over the gloves and your rings underneath. You can leave your watch at home; you will notice when the party ends.