Dresscode Cocktail

Cocktail is a popular dress code for weddings, events and parties. The cocktail dress is the perfect choice for the ladies, wear fancy shoes with heels and don't forget to impress with your accessories.
Under the explanation and tips you will find the dresses in our collection for the Cocktail dress code.

What is dresscode Cocktail?

The cocktail dress code is an ultimate dress-to-impress opportunity for the ladies, with a cocktail dress as the centre-piece. It is a much-requested dress code for weddings, since it is festive and less formal code than black-tie or white-tie. The basic rules for the ladies are a stylish cocktail dress, high heels, glamor jewellery and optional a clutch. You are not limited to a little black dress, depending on the event and location you are free to choose bright colours, soft tones or multi-print fabrics. For a perfect cocktail dress, the skirt falls just above the knee, can have a sexy look without being ordinary. Your legs and shoes are clearly visible because of the length of the skirt. Some ladies wear panties, this is not an obligation. To make you look taller and show your legs better, wear high heels. Shoes with glitter or beautiful prints are a good choice to combine. Your jewellery and accessories can be quite striking and festive, choose a swarovski necklace, rhinestone earrings or a glamour clutch.

Tips for dress code Cocktail

  • A cocktail dress is the perfect choice.
  • Provide a chic look.
  • Choose a coloured or multi-print fabric.
  • Wear shoes with (high) heels.
  • Make a statement with your jewellery.
  • A clutch or a small bag is optional.

Model: c-1-51

Model: c-ul1-48

Model: c-p1-4

Model: c-n1-69

Model: c-1-44

Model: c-n1-84

Model: c-e1-10

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Model: c-1-72

Model: c-p1-1

Model: c-ul1-71

Model: c-e1-9

Model: c-u1-120

Model: c-1-65

Short prom dress with lace bodice, an illusion deep V-neckline, narrow straps, and chiffon skirt to the knee

Model: c-u1-126

Model: c-1-55

Model: c-p1-2

Model: c-1-64

Model: c-ul1-72

Model: c-a1-79

Model: c-a1-83

Model: c-1-42

Model: c-mo1-20

Model: c-ul1-34

High-necked prom dress with short wrap skirt for a high-low effect and lace bodice with boat neck

Model: c-u1-128

Model: c-ul1-63

Model: c-mo1-6

Model: c-u1-123

Model: c-n1-88

Model: c-1-50

Model: c-ul1-61

Model: c-u1-127

Model: c-a1-76

Glitter wrap V-neckline dress with pleated bodice, narrow straps, and V-style short skirt

Model: c-u1-129

Model: c-ul1-73

Short evening dress with a wrap bodice, covered shoulders, a glittering appliqué at the waist and a knee-length skirt.

Model: c-a1-89

Glitter cocktail dress with long sleeves, a feminine V-neckline, and a short skirt with a small slit

Model: c-a1-88

Model: c-1-54

Model: c-a1-75

Model: c-ul1-64

Style your cocktail outfit with accessories

What do you wear to a party with a cocktail dress code?

Of course, opt for a festive cocktail dress, with a skirt which falls just above the knee. You combine the dress with high heels and glamour accessories. In addition, it is optional to have a clutch. If you find it too breezy outside, then a nice pair of panties is allowed with this dress code. A number of cocktail dresses have a high neckline, this is based on the idea that the legs and neckline are not visible at the same time. A V-neck is allowed, as long as your look remains stylish and chic. You are not limited to the little black dress; it is permitted to choose a colourful cocktail dress. For a chic occasion you choose a natural colour, for a garden party or beach party a cheerful multi-print dress is also great. In addition to the colour, choose a style of the cocktail dress which fits with the type of event you are attending.

Jewellery and accessories for a cocktail dress

Put on shoes with high heels, it is the ultimate combination for a cocktail dress. The heels make your legs look longer and the short skirt makes your shoes visible. Dare to choose a glitter shoe or high heels in a beautiful print. Wear glitter and glamour accessories, striking jewellery and a statement clutch will make you the special guest at the party. The choice of a necklace is highly dependent on the model of cocktail dress. If your dress has a V-neck or deep neckline, you can opt for a nice necklace. In our store you can advise which jewellery matches your perfect cocktail dress.