Black-tie dresscode

At black tie event the ladies are expected in a long dress. At some occasions, a stylish cocktail dress is allowed. The refinement for the ladies is in the details, beauty care and matching shoes, jewellery and clutch.
Under the explanation and tips you will find the dresses in our collection for the Black Tie dress code.

Beaded lace prom dress, sexy slit, charming V-neckline, and back plunging neckline

What is Black Tie?

Black-tie, or crevate noire, is the most common dress code and is used for premieres, award ceremonies, dinners, weddings, gala and other festive occasions. The dress code has some obligations and restrictions. The men must appear in a tuxedo or dinner jacket. The ladies have more choices regarding clothing, provided that the outfit is appropriate and tidy. In most cases this will be a long prom dress or evening gown. A short evening dress is allowed, provided this is stated on the invitation and no dinner is planned during the occasion. Choose a sophistication and solid colour fabric, it is an official occasion. Busy prints or summer tones are not appreciated. Requirements are also set for the accessories. It is forbidden to wear watches. A clutch or small bag is allowed. Make sure the jewellery, shoes and possibly. gloves fit together. Also think of your beauty care and hair, keep your makeup subtle and natural.

Tips for Black Tie

  • Black Tie is a formal dresscode.
  • Long dresses or gowns.
  • Choose a sophistication and solid colour.
  • Shoes with a small heel or pumps.
  • Clutch or small bag is allowed.
  • Beauty care and hair.
  • Keep your makeup subtle.
  • No Watches!
Beaded lace prom dress, sexy slit, charming V-neckline, and back plunging neckline

Model: g-mo2-93

Model: g-2-239

Model: g-e2-22

Model: g-e2-11

Model: g-2-174

Model: g-mo2-54

Model: g-e2-9

Model: g-mo2-27

Model: g-mo2-52

Model: g-a2-66

Model: g-e2-14

Model: g-p2-2

Model: g-2-254

Model: g-2-173

Model: g-mo2-79

Glittery fitted prom dress with waterfall neckline and lace-up open back

Model: g-u2-226

Prom dress with lace bodice, V-neckline, narrow straps over the low open back and flowy pleated skirt

Model: g-u2-227

Sexy prom dress with semi-sheer glitter bodice, sweetheart neckline and flowy circle skirt

Model: g-u2-228

Sexy prom dress with semi-sheer lace bodice, a deep V-neckline and back, narrow straps and long chiffon skirt

Model: g-u2-230

Evening dress with a high slit, a heart shape neckline, straight shoulder straps and a semi-open back with unique lines.

Model: g-e2-35

Model: g-e2-30

Sexy prom with stunning beaded lace, a high slit, an illusion deep V-neck and a low back

Model: g-mo2-98

Model: g-e2-13

Sexy prom dress decorated with metallic flower pattern, a low round neckline, thin straps, and high slit

Model: g-mo2-96

Model: g-2-163

Sparkling prom dress with glittery bodice, an A-line skirt, and thin straps criss-cross over the open back

Model: g-e2-39

Model: g-e2-8

Model: g-p2-1

Evening gown with waterfall neckline and draped pleated bodice, narrow straps, and a semi-open

Model: g-u2-225

Off-shoulder prom dress with Bardot neckline, a side split in the straight skirt with a draped and hip train

Model: g-e2-41

Model: g-a2-67

Model: g-mo2-67

Model: g-p2-1

Model: g-a2-69

Model: g-e2-6

Black Red carpet high slit plunging neckline prom dress with draped fabric and asymmetrical skirt

Model: g-e2-34

Prom dress with heart shape neckline, wide waistband, and a long skirt with wrap split

Model: g-u2-218

Model: g-e2-12

Sweetheart neckline prom dress with draped ruffles and long slit skirt with thigh high slit

Model: g-e2-36

Prom dress with cascade neckline, narrow straps with a continuous lacing and wrap-over high slit

Model: g-u2-214

Model: g-e2-5

Eccentric evening dress with lace bodice, cape style sleeves and long floor-length skirt

Model: g-u2-219

Model: g-e2-7

Model: g-e2-15

Model: g-2-243

Evening dress with lace bodice, modest V-neckline, covered shoulders, cap sleeves and long skirt to the floor

Model: g-u2-221

Model: g-2-234

Model: g-e2-38

Strapless prom dress with dropped shoulders, glamor waistband, in a fit & flare model with a small train.

Model: g-e2-43

Model: g-mo2-53

Model: g-u2-197

Model: g-e2-23

Model: g-u2-199

Model: g-e2-1

Model: g-e2-37

Model: g-e2-29

Wrap V-neck evening dress, narrow shoulder straps and hidden split in the long skirt

Model: g-u2-232

Model: g-e2-38

Model: g-2-226

Model: g-2-230

Model: g-2-229

Model: g-mo2-69

Model: g-p2-8

Model: g-mo2-75

Model: g-u2-216

Model: g-mo2-45

Model: g-u2-211

Model: g-e2-28

High-necked evening dress with lace bodice, decorated with beads, wide shoulder straps and long chiffon skirt

Model: g-u2-208

Model: g-u2-6

Model: g-u2-191

Model: g-n2-33

Model: g-e2-19

Model: g-n2-104

Model: g-n2-145

Evening dress with flowy cap sleeves, decorative beaded at the waist and along the neckline

Model: g-e2-42

Model: g-u2-15

Model: g-2-201

Model: g-3-43

Model: g-n2-36

Model: g-2-97

Model: g-u2-223

Model: g-u2-4

Model: g-5-14

Model: g-u2-12

Model: g-3-40

Model: g-u2-92

Model: g-3-41

Model: g-n2-34

Model: g-u2-18

Style your evening outfit with accessories

What dress to wear at a black tie event?

If you have an invitation for an event with a dress code black tie, the ladies are expected to appear in a long dress. A short evening dress or a nice cocktail dress may be allowed in a few occasions. When the black-tie event also includes dinner, then you are obliged to arrive in a long evening dress. Choose chic dress in smooth or calm colours. Avoid bright coloured dress or summery prints gowns.
Wearing half-length gloves is allowed, but the arms may also be uncovered. However, watches are forbidden, allowed are other festive jewellery and evening bags. The best choice for shoes is those with a (half) high heel
The gentlemen come in a tuxedo, this is a two or three-piece suit. The gentleman wears black trousers with a black jacket and a muscular white shirt where the buttons are not visible, finished with a bow tie.

What jewellery to wear to a black tie event?

The refinement for the ladies is in the details, paying attention to the hair and the make-up. For your shoes, clutches and jewellery matching items are required, they do not have the same colour as the evening dress. Do not be too exorbitant with accessories, because with black tie the rule is "less is more".