The 10 most common dress codes

A dress code helps the guests to make the right choices in an appropriate outfit for the occasion or party. Which rules of the specified dress code you should take seriously and what freedoms you have in making changes in the options of the dress code. By following the rules, you show respect to the host and hostess and ensure that you leave a good impression with them and the other guests.

Satin prom dress with graceful V-neckline and narrow straps that cross over the low back.
Pearlescent pink Fitted prom dress with shimmering sequins, bodice with V-neck, low back and a train.
Mermaid prom dress with split, a heart shape neckline, narrow straps with glitter and a open back
Tight glamour prom dress with a designer glitter print decorated with multi-coloured sequins in mermaid model
Off-shoulder galajurk met heartshape halslijn en een fishtail rok met lange sleep
Taupe Short evening dress with lace top layer and chiffon jacket with half-length sleeves with flounce

The different dress codes explained

Using a dress code for a party is becoming increasingly popular! By choosing a dress code, you ensure that the guests appear on the occasion in the desired style. But which style belongs to which dress code? We are going to give you direction in the wood of guidelines and possibilities. In the list you can see the 9 different dress codes which are often asked for an event. This way you jump directly to the page of the specific dress code.

Choosing a dress code for your event

If you want to provide a dress code to your guests yourself, do not ask the impossible of your guests. Don’t put a dress code on your invitations if you know that your invitees will have problems getting the correct cloths. Also consider whether this type of dress code also matches the personality/culture of your guests and is taking a big cut off their budget. Both can form a barrier for coming to your party.

Dresscode Black Tie

At black tie event the ladies are expected in a long dress. At some occasions, a stylish cocktail dress is allowed. The refinement for the ladies is in the details. Read more about the dresscode Black-tie

Dresscode White Tie

Especially on official events it is requested to appear in this formal dress code. These are special dinners, a formal gala or meetings with representatives off the government, royal family or business. Read more about the dresscode White-Tie

Dresscode Gala

In general, a gala is a formal event, where stricter dress codes apply than at casual parties. Appearing in the right clothes you show appreciation for the invitation. Read more about the dresscode Gala

Dresscode Cocktail

The cocktail dress code is an ultimate dress-to-impress opportunity for the ladies, with a cocktail dress as the centre-piece. It is a much-requested dress code for weddings. Read more about the dresscode Cocktail

Dresscode Tenue de Ville

In dress code tenue de ville the ladies are expected to wear a cocktail dress, short dress or a suit, optional finished with a hat or other hair accessories. Read more about the dresscode Tenue de Ville

Dresscode Wedding

A dress code for a wedding is becoming increasingly popular! By choosing a dress code, the bridal couple knows that the guests appear at the wedding in a desired style. Read more about the dresscode Wedding

Dresscode Great Gasby

The Great Gatsby stands for glamour, glitter and grotesque parties from the 1920s of America. The party elite's motto was 'a little party never killed nobody'. Read more about the dresscode Great Gatsby

Dresscode Smart Casual

With the Smart Casual dress code you combine clothes in a playful way, on the condition that everything looks neat and stylish. Because this can be interpreted in many ways, you will see many differences in implementation. Read more about the dresscode Smart Casual

Dresscode Casual chic

The Casual Chic dress code is often requested at parties where the guests are expected to dress nicely. With this dress code you can wear a neat combination of an everyday outfit. Read more about the dresscode Casual Chic

Dresscode Summer Chic

If the wedding or party is on the beach or in a garden, the dress code Summer Chic is an option. The name already betrays it a bit, summer clothing with a chic look. Read more about the dresscode Summer Chic

Choose an outfit which suits you and the dress code

You go to a party and you doubt what to wear. Most dress codes offer you some freedom to ensure you can be yourself. The party will be positive remembered when you are feeling comfortable and being able to enjoy the party. But don’t over kill it, because nobody wants to stand out negatively.