Short Lace dresses

The lace dresses are an eyecatcher and very suitable for parties, gala and special events. The short dresses made of lace fabric are available in different models. You always find a dress with lace which fits you perfectly.

Model: c-1-51

Model: c-n1-67

Model: c-n1-82

Model: c-u1-123

Model: c-mo1-22

Model: c-u1-125

Model: c-1-65

Short prom dress with lace bodice, an illusion deep V-neckline, narrow straps, and chiffon skirt to the knee

Model: c-u1-126

Model: c-1-72

Model: c-u1-127

High-necked prom dress with short wrap skirt for a high-low effect and lace bodice with boat neck

Model: c-u1-128

Model: c-a1-73

Model: c-u1-75

Model: c-u1-115

Model: c-ul1-72

Model: c-u1-117

Model: c-ul1-62

Model: c-n1-85

Model: c-ul1-55

Model: c-u1-102

Model: c-a1-76

Short evening dress with pleated skirt, sweetheart neckline and ¾ sleeves covered with delicate lace

Model: c-e1-11

Short evening dress with waterfall sleeves, a lace-embellished V-neckline and a straight skirt that hits below the knee

Model: c-e1-12

Model: c-ul1-48

Model: c-1-64

Model: c-a1-83

Model: c-ul1-73

Model: c-a1-76

Model: c-ul1-61

Model: c-ul1-71

Model: c-a1-79

Model: c-ul1-68

Model: c-a1-86

Model: c-ul1-50

Model: c-u1-112

Model: c-a1-85

Model: c-u1-118

Model: c-u1-113

Model: c-u1-121

Model: c-ul1-64

Model: c-e1-6

Model: c-mo1-6

Model: c-ul6-6

Model: c-mo1-13

Model: c-u1-67

Model: c-ul1-15

Model: c-mo1-20

Model: c-ul1-63

Model: c-n1-64

Model: c-ul1-32

Finish your cocktail outfit with accessories

Which lace dress will you wear at a party?

At a chic party, a nicely dressed model with a tight body and bolero jacket are perfect. Going to a wedding party, choose a light-coloured dress, where you do not want to surpass the bride. These simple straight dresses are often worn by the mother of the bride. For a school prom or party, a short dress with a lace bodice and an elegant chiffon skirt is perfect. Another option is a completely lace dress in cheerful summer colours. If you dare to show more of yourself, we also have the glamour and sexy short dresses with a lace bodice. The tricot dress with a high neckline with lace fabric are very suitable for birthday parties. The short strapless lace dress is sexy and feminine, great for dance parties. The elegant dress with lace bodice and tulle skirt is beautiful for wedding parties. For official parties you choose a rich dark blue and black lace dress. Check our collection online and come visit the store in Amsterdam.