Coloured cocktail dresses

To give you a complete overview of all cocktail dresses in a certain colour, we refer to the specific pages. Below you will find the overview of the coloured cocktail dresses in the different shades, which will take you to the right page.

Short dresses in many colours

The coloured short dresses are divided into several main shades to help you when you are looking for a certain dress in a specific colour. For a number of parties or galas, the colour of the clothing is special requested. The best-known parties in this were the White Sensations Events.
The most common dress is of course the little black dress, which is worn for almost any occasion. For a wedding you can also opt for the white short dress. If there is no colour prescription and you want to stand out more, there are plenty of choices. Such as the fiery red cocktail dress, the stylish blue cocktail dress or a feminine pink short dress.
The Robin cocktail dresses come in a wide variety of shades. The cocktail dresses run from the light pastel to the dark colours and black. Visit the pages, you will get a good impression of our collection we have in our shop in Amsterdam.