Little black dresses

The little black dress is worn a lot and is seen by many ladies as the perfect dress for every occasion. Every woman has at least one black dress in her wardrobe for a event or party. We have a varied collection of black short dresses.

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Finish your cocktail outfit with accessories

The short black dress is a perfect option for every woman

The little black dresses with sequin fabrics are stylish and sexy. The lace LBD has a romantic and elegant look and is beautiful for a Christmas event. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a designer black cocktail dress with beautiful accents or a simple straight cut dress, we have it in stock. The stylish black dresses are timeless and nicely dressed.
The cocktail dresses in black in our designer range are rugs in luxury fabrics. Extensive use is made of beautiful applications and glitz and glamour accents in gold and silver. The dresses are modern and have a feminine cut. This is reflected in both the tube dresses which are tightly fitted and the wide flared, short dresses.

Which accessories are a perfect combination with a black cocktail dress?

These dresses can be combined well with colourful accessories such as a bag, shoes and jewellery. With red accessories you can make your outfit more modern, with gold or silver chic. Beautiful high heels give the legs extra length and make the black dress look chic and sexy. Some black cocktail dresses are decorated with elegant black stoles that keep it all feminine. If you want a cooler look, choose a short leather jacket. The little black dresses with beautifully cut neckline or low open back are recommended for parties where you can have a sexier look.

The little black dress is a timeless option

In today's collections can still get influences from major clothing designer. In the 1920s, for example, Chanel designed the type of dress that is now known as the little black and designed haute couture that was simple and elegant in style with many straight lines. The dresses were elegantly stylish and practical. In the 60s there were, Christian Dior which is mainly known for its dress with narrow waist and flared skirts, and Yves Saint Laurent dress made even more popular. His designs were in bright light colours and dark tones. He even designed an entire collection where all items of clothing were in black.
Our black dresses give your party extra glamour, if you are looking for a special dress, visit our shop. For some it is quite a journey, but we have a nice and wide selection of special trendy and modern dresses. Turn your day it into a wonderful journey in Amsterdam and view our wide collection of short dresses in black or differently coloured white red or blue.