Cocktail dresses and short evening dresses

A cocktail dress is worn to a gala, wedding and glamor parties. For every occasion there is a different style short dress suitable. At Robin you find the best cocktail dresses which suits your personality, appearance, figure and budget.

Model: c-mo1-22

Model: c-u1-119

Model: c-1-44

Model: c-n1-79

Model: c-mo1-23

Model: c-p1-1

Model: c-a1-79

Model: c-e1-10

Model: c-1-55

Model: c-u1-127

Model: c-u1-119

Model: c-1-72

Model: c-e1-9

Short evening dress with pleated skirt, sweetheart neckline and ¾ sleeves covered with delicate lace

Model: c-e1-11

Model: c-u1-123

Model: c-e1-8

Model: c-u1-104

Model: c-e1-10

Model: c-u1-125

Short evening dress with waterfall sleeves, a lace-embellished V-neckline and a straight skirt that hits below the knee

Model: c-e1-12

Model: c-ul1-64

Glitter wrap V-neckline dress with pleated bodice, narrow straps, and V-style short skirt

Model: c-u1-129

Model: c-a1-87

Model: c-p1-2

Model: c-ul1-73

Model: c-u1-112

Model: c-n1-82

High-necked prom dress with short wrap skirt for a high-low effect and lace bodice with boat neck

Model: c-u1-128

Model: c-1-44

Model: c-ul1-72

Model: c-mo1-20

Model: c-p1-4

Short prom dress with lace bodice, an illusion deep V-neckline, narrow straps, and chiffon skirt to the knee

Model: c-u1-126

Model: c-u1-120

Model: c-u1-130

Model: c-u1-115

Model: c-ul1-71

Model: c-u1-114

Model: c-u1-119

Model: c-e1-6

Model: c-a1-86

Model: c-a1-84

Model: c-a1-85

Model: c-a1-75

Model: c-1-51

Model: c-ul1-34

Model: c-1-69

Model: c-1-48

Model: c-1-64

Model: c-n1-88

Model: c-n1-69

Model: c-n1-84

Model: c-ul1-59

Model: c-ul1-65

Model: c-a1-76

Model: c-u1-113

Model: c-e1-9

Model: c-u1-102

Model: c-1-65

Model: c-u1-121

Model: c-1-67

Model: c-ul1-63

Model: c-ul1-62

Model: c-1-70

Model: c-e1-3

Model: c-e1-2

Model: c-mo1-13

Model: c-1-66

Model: c-1-50

Model: c-a1-83

Model: c-ul1-48

Model: c-ul1-69

Model: c-1-42

Model: c-ul1-50

Model: c-ul1-18

Model: c-a1-1

Model: c-u1-119

Model: c-ul1-68

Model: c-mo1-6

Model: c-u1-103

Model: c-e1-7

Model: c-u1-116

Model: c-1-60

Model: c-1-57

Model: c-ul1-61

Model: c-u1-106

Model: c-n1-85

Model: c-u1-117

Model: c-u1-118

Model: c-a1-2

Model: c-ul1-55

Model: c-1-47

Model: c-n1-64

Model: c-ul1-21

Model: c-1-54

Model: c-ul1-32

Model: c-ul1-64

Model: c-u1-53

Model: c-n1-67

Model: c-u1-100

Model: c-1-63

Model: c-u1-67

Model: c-ul8-13

Model: c-ul1-31

Model: c-u1-75

Model: c-ul1-15

Model: c-ul6-6

Finish your cocktail outfit with accessories

Cocktail dresses in small and large sizes

For a gala or wedding, we have a nice collection of short prom dresses and evening dresses. These dresses come in smooth chiffon fabrics or chic materials with lace. To celebrate your sweet 16, you wear a glamour dress decorated with sequins, a petticoat skirt or strapless top. The little black dress it an item which should hang in every wardrobe of every woman. Having a school gala soon and a little budget? Check out our sales page for cocktail dresses in the low-price ranges.

At Robin you find cocktail dresses in the sizes 28 up to size 50.

The glamor cocktail dresses have a heart-shaped neckline, these models you can combine with a v-shaped necklace. This emphasizes your beautiful neckline and optically extends it. The strapless dresses with the straight line or the off-shoulder dresses are best styles with a round necklace and dainty earrings. Many cocktail dresses have matching spaghetti straps, these are narrow straps over the shoulder, some short evening dresses have wide straps.