Jewellery for your prom or wedding dress

Beautiful jewellery that can be worn with evening dresses and bridal wear. You can choose from necklaces and bracelets with pearls or Swarovski crystals and stylish rings to give your outfit the final touch. Check out our collection of jewellery that will help you be the centre of attention at the party.

Pearl necklaces and Swarovski chains

The pearl necklaces come in a variety of models, from the simple necklace with an ivory pearl, to beautiful necklaces with pearls and beautiful glitter stones. The pearl jewellery provides a chic and stylish look. The necklaces and earrings with Swarovski stones are available in different designs. The chains that run around the neck or the chain that ends in a point, which complement dresses with a heart-shaped or V-neckline.

Bracelets and rings as accessories for your prom outfit

Complete your gala outfit with an elegant bracelet or ring. With the black-tie and white-tie dress codes, watches are not-done to wear. A good reason to decorate your wrist with a luxurious bracelet or chain. If you are not wearing gloves, you can wear a glittering ring.

Which piece of jewellery do you wear on a prom dress?

With a prom dress with a V-neck or heart-shaped décolleté, it is nice to choose jewellery that falls elongated so that the neckline is beautifully decorated. You can do this with a Swarovski jewellery set consisting of a necklace, bracelet, and earring. The luxurious jewellery sets with pearls also give your wedding dress a stylish finish. If you have an evening dress with a round neck, it is better to choose high closing chains. The rhinestone jewellery is often made of Swarovski crystal and gives the dress a beautiful glamorous look. The coloured rhinestone jewellery can be nicely combined with the coloured dresses.