Hair accessories to wear at a prom or wedding

Accessories to give an extra touch to your prom outfit.

With the luxurious hair crystals, you can create a beautiful glamor hairstyle. By letting the colour of the evening dress come back beautifully in your hairstyle, you enhance the look with a subtle accent. In our range you will find curlies, tiaras and hats, which you can combine beautifully with your prom or evening dress.

Hair jewelry, a beautiful addition to your hairstyle.

If you want to create a glamorous look, you can choose to use glittering hair crystals in your hairstyle. By using an element of the dress or other accessories in your hairstyle, you enhance the entire look with a subtle accent.

Curlies perfect finish of your prom hairstyle

In addition to a beautiful haircut, you can choose to wear something on your hair. Modern and trendy options for proms and parties are the curlies, tiaras, hats and the feather flowers. The curlies are easy to twist into a hairstyle, because of their spiral shape they stay firmly in the hair. This makes the curlie suitable for both long and short hair. In our collection you will find crystal curlies, pearls and rhinestones for the hair.

A tiara is a sparkling highlight for your evening hairstyle

A nice alternative to a hat is a tiara or a diadem. A tiara ensures that you feel like a woman at the party or wedding. The tiaras can be worn in the hair in different ways. Wear them more to the front, create a playful lock and style it. Or wear them in the middle of the head, in combination with a veil. An updo and a tiara are also a perfect combination.

A hair corsage is a timeless accessory

The hair corsage with luxurious feather flower is attached to the hair with a clip or comb. This makes this flower easy to wear in the hair or on clothing. These flowers consist of feathers and rhinestones. The hair corsages come in several colours and are made from ostrich feathers.

Hats for your gala outfit

Are you made to wear a hat, then you can finish the dress with a beautiful head accessory of high quality. We have the hats and hair decorations in stock in several colours.