Earrings, hoop earrings and ear jewellery

If there is one piece of jewellery that is almost always worn with a festive dress, it is the earring. We have a wide range especially for you, so that there is a matching ear jewellery for every occasion and dress. View our collection and choose the earrings that suit you.


Because of the cool shade, silver goes with almost everything, and with the countless styles, there are always silver earrings that really match your dress.


The pearl earrings give you an elegant and luxurious look. Jewellery with pearls is often worn by brides or on unofficial occasions.


Gold earrings are fantastic jewellery, the rich gold colour gives your look a luxurious twist in an instant.

Blue and Green

Blue earrings are an elegant and luxurious addition to your evening or gala dress. The earrings in green and blue are versatile and filled with a touch of cheerfulness.

Purple and Pink

Choose cheerful lilac earrings or stubborn pink fashion statement earrings. These colours give your outfit a boost and make you stand out.


With red earrings, the most passionate colour, you will add touch of love and passion to your outfit.


Black earrings exude style and elegance. And give your evening wear an extra touch and make you look extra festive.

Choose the earrings with your gala outfit

The type of earring you choose for your outfit depends on the type of occasion, dress, and hairstyle. Ladies with loose hair often opt for subtle earrings. Do you wear your hair in a ponytail or bun? Then dangling earrings fit perfectly with your look and accentuate your necklines beautifully. Do you want to wear earrings, but you don't have any holes? In our collection you will find earrings with clips, so that you too can look festive. In addition to the different primary colours, we have types of gold, rose and silver earrings. Earrings finished with sparkling-coloured stones give you the opportunity to combine the colours of your dress and other accessories. For an overview, we have divided the earrings into the different main colours and grouped the shades together.

Earrings in gold, silver, rose colours

Minimalistic silver studs give your look a subtle sparkle. Or you can opt for earrings with stones such as crystal and swarovski. And then of course there are also the combinations or variants of silver earrings with coloured stones. A silver earring is a versatile and beautiful piece of jewellery to complete your gala outfit.
Add a touch of glamor to your outfit with our collection of gold coloured earrings. You also have the choice of combining it with swarovski stones for a sparkle effect or make a statement with a pair of large gold earrings.
With this rose-coloured piece of jewellery you can create exactly the style you want and it is one of the hippest trends which you see on the catwalk and in fashion shows. The earrings in rose gold enrich both your ears and your face and transform your gala outfit into a real eye-catcher. A flower print dress and rose gold earrings are a perfect combination for a summer party. The rose gold is a mix between silver and gold, so you can combine the earrings with many colours of dresses.

Pearl earrings

The special thing about pearls is that they are suitable for every occasion and match almost any dress code. The right pearl earrings enrich your outfit and accentuate the shape of your face. With the choice of pearl drop earrings, pearl stud earrings or pearl earrings with clips, you can play with the style you want to create.

Blue red earrings

We have earrings in different shades, think of, navy, light, deep and pastel blue. It is a colour that suits many people and that completes your outfit. The blue earrings can be as light as a summer day or the depth of the sea. Blue gives you an aura of calm, purity and purity to your outfit.
The most passionate colour, of love and passion, can be found in the red earrings. Whether you go for our red earrings, our red ear clips, studs, or earrings. Of course, you can also combine these colour earrings with a different colour dress if you want to give extra accent to your accessories. By wearing red jewellery, you indicate that you dare to be seen and you radiate security. If you want to be less noticeable, a small red earring is enough to give your outfit that festive shade.

Black and purple earrings

Black earrings go with everything, even with a white cocktail dress you can wear earrings in black. Which black earrings fit best with your party outfit, of course depends a bit on the style of the dress and the occasion. Statement earrings in black are an option for an exuberant party, while for a gala or award ceremony you can choose small pendants or subtle stud earrings.
With purple earrings you get a royal and imperial look. This rich and penetrating colour gives depth to your outfit and immediately makes it a lot more interesting. Not a fan of the dark purple, there are plenty of lighter shades available such as the favourite lilac. With purple earrings you are guaranteed to get a beautiful look that exudes luxury and festiveness.

Earrings for your evening dress or cocktail dress

To help our customers look their best for the festive occasion, we've taken great care in our range of earrings to provide you with what you're looking for. In addition, we would like to surprise you with beautiful jewellery that you yourself did not know existed. So that you can be the radiant centre of the party. And what could be better than getting compliments on your entire outfit, including earrings, shoes, and bags.