Bridal accessories for the finishing touch

To ensure that you look well-groomed in your wedding dress, we have a number of bridal accessories to help you. Below you will find an impression of the belts,ring pillows, garters, bridal umbrellas, and clothes cover.

Belts and waistbands

Does your wedding dress not have a waistband or belt and you like to wear something around your waist? There are different models of belts available, finishes with stones, rods or pearls give your wedding dress that extra look for a beautiful look.

Ring pillows

For the wedding ceremony you can present the wedding rings in style on a ring pillow or in a ring box. The graceful ring box has an easy size, making it easy to take with you for the witnesses or groomsman. You can store your other special rings in a ring box after the wedding. The ring cushions are available in different shapes such as round, square or heart shaped.

A garter for the bride

Wearing a garter is done by many brides out of a spicy thought, without knowing that it also has a function in bridal traditions. According to one of the traditions, on her wedding day a bride wears something old (this transfers the happiness of the parent or grandmother to the bride), something new (this represents hope and optimism in the future), something borrowed (borrowed from happy couples gives this wealth in the future) and something blue (represents loyalty and modesty). The “Something blue” can be achieved by wearing the garter with a blue accent under the wedding dress.

Bridal umbrella

The bridal umbrella is both useful to protect you from the sun or rain. In addition, the umbrella is also a beautiful accessory for the bride and is an eye-catcher for your photos. The bridal umbrellas are available with beautiful texts and in the ivory-coloured heart shape and round.

Garment cover for your wedding dress

We have spacious garment bags for transporting your wedding dress and hanging it safely before/after the wedding. The garment bag is long, so that the wedding dress fits in and hangs out without anyone being able to see what the dress looks like. For the short wedding dresses have a short version garment bag.

Which accessories complete your wedding dress?

When you have found the perfect wedding dress, you can choose the bridal accessories that complete your wedding outfit. After all, you are the radiant centre of the wedding, and you can go the extra mile for this. Choose bridal shoes not only because of the colour and looks, but also think about the wearing comfort. After all, you want to enjoy your wedding a lot, where you walk, stand, and dance a lot. Beautiful jewellery gives that extra touch to the neck, ears, or hairstyle. A garter should also not be missing, and the throwing may be traditional. It remains fun to see how the bridal guests do their best to catch the garter. To enjoy your wedding dress for a long time to come, we have garment bags in which the dress fits comfortably.